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Janela Africana is an NGO at the service of God and neighbour, active in church planting and community development in the area of Vilanculos, Mozambique.


Janela Africana was born following the dream of Caitlyn and Emerson, the founding couple of the project, to share God's love with African people in precarious situations through concrete and effective actions.


We want to restore the self-esteem and dignity of all so that each individual can be aware of his or her potential and priceless value in the eyes of God.


We want to invest in social projects and encourage people to start projects that can bring them alternative income to enable them to get out of extreme poverty in a sustainable way.


Our team

Mozambican couple in charge of the project. Bebas is pastor and idia is teacher in our preschool.

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Bebas & Sidia Casimiro Alvaro

Mozambican working for the project. Youth moderator and church leader of the planted church in Bawa.

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Janela Africana's


They now live in South Africa, where they coordinate the project.

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Emerson & Caitlyn Brandaõ Borges

Mozambican helping on site for the project. Teacher of the pre-school planted in Bawa.

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Communication leader in Switzerland. Sébastien organises short-term mission trips from Switzerland

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Sébastien Gilliand


Sander is in charge of finances and Julia helps with the promotion of the project. They live in the Netherlands.

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Paulino Mucugo


Simão Sambo

Julia et Sander




and churcH 


We want to evangelize and train new converts by being close to them and loving them with an authentic heart.

Access to education

Education has the power to transform a society. We therefore we want to enable children and young people to have access to quality education.

Health improvement

We want to promote health and put in place ways to enable people to improve their quality of life in a sustainable way.

Social Institutions

We want to take care of hopeless people and set up structures that allow them to develop themselves and live with dignity.

Community Development

We want to encourage people and give them  tools to develop themselves by launching projects that can bring them alternative income.




Donate your holidays, come and discover the riches of Africa from the inside! Not only will you put your skills at the service of your fellow man, but you will also live a rich and unique experience in an environment totally different from the one in which you have always lived.

There is as much to give as there is to receive! Your help in the development of the project will be truly precious!


Join us for a few months and learn to live in a society very different from the one you grew up in.

You will have the opportunity to learn Portuguese and even a few words of Xitsua, the local language of the people. You will participate in the various activities of the project and you will help us to form new Christians and take them a little further in their life with Jesus!


Do you want to give your life to serve God and love your neighbor?

Are you ready to live in simplicity and sacrifice your comfort to start a new life on the other side of the world?

You have a strong spirit of service, patience, and you love people deeply?

Then you are welcome to join us in this adventure and participate in God's plan for this region!


Become a partner !

This is another way to get involved in our project!

We have not received any government assistance and the whole project is made possible thanks to the contribution of generous donors who are committed to making a difference in this world with us. Even if you can't be here on site with us, you can participate in the project by supporting us in prayer or financially.


Choose to be part of our project now!



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